We promote connections with the “3-P’s”: Professionals, Professors, and Peers.

Connecting with Professionals

We work with various companies to host corporate info sessions, resume critiquing sessions, and office hours so that our members have ample opportunity to learn about companies in various industries and connect directly with recruiters. Some companies that worked with us this semester are Facebook, Intel, and Qualcomm, just to name a few.

Connecting with Professors

Here at the University of Michigan, we have many faculty members who are IEEE members themselves! We provide you with opportunities to learn about their cutting edge research conducted right here on campus directly from the leading researcher through our professor talk series. Whether you want to get into research or build connections with our faculty researchers, take advantage of the academic IEEE network!

Connecting with Peers

We are a student organization after all… we want you to learn more about each other through fun! We host a variety of social events throughout the semester such as ping-pong tournaments at BBB (no worries, we will provide you our brand new IEEE ping-pong paddles!), bowling nights, and end-of-the-year banquet! Classes can be tough, so find another highly motivated IEEE member as your study buddy!

Be sure to check out our home page where you will find our event calendar with our upcoming events!